TechSoup Americas is a regional base of the TechSoup Global Network, which comprises 60+ capacity-building organizations around the world. Globally, TechSoup's network reached more than 1.3 million organizations and delivered more than $ 16 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services. The seven network members that form TechSoup Americas and serve the region are local capacity-building organizations that have won awards for their accomplishments. Together, we help nonprofits in 52 Americas countries and territories throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Central and Latin America and the United States get the resources they need to build their organizational capacity and their technology expertise. We combine the local knowledge of TechSoup Americas members with the capacity of the global network to successfully collaborate with corporations and funders worldwide.

What We Do

TechSoup Americas has supported 500,716 nonprofits and charities in 52 Americas countries and territories with mission-critical resources, knowledge, and connections. We also help foundations and corporations optimize their philanthropic programs and increase their social impact. Our community includes nonprofits, charities, foundations, corporations, governments, social entrepreneurs, and volunteers.

Members of TechSoup Americas

Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios (ATN)

ATN is a civil society organization that seeks to build better social and economic conditions through digital inclusion. ATN's mission is to build partnerships to support telecenters and other organizations to contribute to social transformation through information and communication technologies. ATN operates the TechSoup Brazil program to offer software and other applications in partnership with TechSoup. Learn more about ATN

Comité para la Democratización de la Informática (CDI)

CDI is an international NGO dedicated to the digital and social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups in the region. CDI primarily supports the efficient use of technologies and digital media. CDI empowers youth, women, and individuals to "reprogram" their life, their enterprise, and their community through various training and capacity building programs. In partnership with Techsoup, CDI Chile also runs the Donatec program enabling civil society organizations in Chile to access the best technology available to enhance their mission and impact. Learn more about CDI

Cemefi (CMF)

Cemefi is a membership association with more than 1400 members, which include civil society organizations, individuals, and corporations. Cemefi's mission is to promote the participation of committed and socially responsible citizens and civil society organizations in order to increase solidarity, equity, and prosperity in Mexican society. To fulfill its mission, Cemefi supports the development of civil society organizations, as well as corporate social responsibility programs by major companies. Cemefi also operates OSC Digital in partnership with TechSoup Global, a software donation program in Mexico. Learn more about Cemefi


MAKAIA strengthens capacities for social development through technology, innovation and international cooperation. MAKAIA means "to build" or "to do", in Miskito (indigenous language from Honduras). The name represents the objective of MAKAIA: to build partnerships and relations oriented to social and economic development.MAKAIA´s purpose is to ensure that every person and organization has the information and knowledge to transform themselves and their communities. MAKAIA has worked to achieve this vision since 2006, benefiting more than 35.570 people and 7.788 social organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Learn more about MAKAIA


Wingu seeks to consolidate digital culture and technological developments as key agents of social change in Latin America. Wingu leads various digital transformation efforts with social impact projects and initiatives through innovative technological developments. Wingu is committed to driving nongovernmental (NGO) technological capacity and to developing innovative NGO methodologies and skills in Latin America. Learn more about Wingu

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)

CSI aims to lower technological barriers for nonprofits, libraries, and civil society organizations. CSI supports social change through climate venture projects and competitions, social entrepreneurship training and resources, incubating projects, and accelerators. CSI creates incredible workspaces, and animates a community of changemakers. CSI curates for diversity and inclusivity, and foster the right environment for social innovations to flourish. CSI provides their members with the spaces, connections and resources they need to work, connect, create and transform. CSI operates the TechSoup Canada program to offer software and other applications to civil society organizations. Learn more about CSI

The Power of the Network

The TechSoup Global Network delivers impact at scale. In more than 30 years, it has reached 1.1 million nonprofits throughout the world.Our group of 61 capacity-building organizations with our shared mission has worked with more than 100 corporate and foundation partners.

We benefit from our TechSoup Americas members’ local expertise. Likewise, our members benefit from the network’s worldwide exchange of ideas, shared business practices and technology platforms, and cross-border collaborations. We strive to learn from each other and work together on projects to better serve communities in the Americas and around the world.

TechSoup Global Network and TechSoup

TechSoup is a nonprofit social enterprise that is the founding member and leader of the TechSoup Global Network. TechSoup's mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables civil society organizations and changemakers around the world to gain effective access to the resources they need to design and implement technology solutions for a more equitable planet.


TechSoup Americas supports nonprofits with mission-critical resources for social change.


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