Capacity Building

Our capacity building efforts support programs that provide mission-critical resources to organizations so that they can amplify their social impact. We focus on technology initiatives such as e-learning, workshops, and webinars that provide tools for growth to civil society leaders on the ground.

Some initiatives that we support include the following:


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Adobe Webinar Series

TechSoup tailored this series to teach nonprofits how to use video to tell their organization’s story. A demonstration of Adobe Premiere Rush shows participating organizations how to create impactful videos without additional tools and equipment used by professional videographers. Participants learn how to capture videos on their mobile devices, edit with simple tools, and share directly on social media channels. This allows organizations to raise awareness to their cause and to generate interest and donations.

Microsoft DigiGirlz

DigiGirlz workshops specifically support girls in middle school and high school in exploring computer science as a career path. During the workshops, girls learn the various roles within the fields of STEM, hands-on experience with coding, and resources on how to learn more about computer science and opportunities to further develop their digital skills. In March 2019, Microsoft launched the first DigiGirlz series in Chile. CDI Chile participated in these workshops and provided support for the girls interested in further exploring opportunities in STEM.

Microsoft YouthSpark

YouthSpark is a global initiative that offers all young people the opportunity to learn computer science and develop critical skills, YouthSpark events bring young people together to plan their future and to explore career paths in technology, the sciences, and entrepreneurship. These free live events reach thousands of young people in the Americas. ATN has supported this effort in Brazil by providing small computer centers where over 60,000 young people train annually.

Recode Library Program

Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup, partnered with Recode to create Conecta Biblioteca, a program that delivers design thinking training to 200 librarians from all corners of the country. The program helps librarians and library staff integrate participatory methodologies and participatory design techniques into their everyday operations, bringing their local community closer to the library. The project has resulted in over 115 new month-long projects being implemented in a diverse range of libraries, from massive coastal capital cities to small towns in the Amazon region.

The Resilient Organization

This guide offers best practices for preparing an organization's IT for most kinds of disasters, including natural disasters and cybersecurity breaches. If an organization is already dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, the recovery guide provides comprehensive solutions for various scenarios. With these practical steps and resources, organizations are able to get tech back up and running to continue their work and to carry out their mission. It was created by TechSoup in partnership with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Access the guide here.

Tierra Colombia: Technology Transformation

Carcafe, a coffee exporter from Colombia and Lavazza, an Italian coffee roaster company, have joined forces with MAKAIA to support the coffee growers’ community in Colombia by implementing a sustainable and environmentally-friendly coffee production system. A qualified team of agricultural engineers advise the coffee growers on strategies to increase their productivity, maintain their quality standards, and implement sustainable practices. MAKAIA's initiative is projected to strengthen the capacities of coffee growers and transform their lives thanks the use and adoption of ICT tools that can be incorporated in their daily activities to improve their productivity and value chain.

Nonprofit Validation

Hundreds of grantmakers, governments, and businesses rely on TechSoup to ensure that their mission-critical resources are provided to legitimate nonprofits. Our global database includes information on more than 1 million nonprofits. We verify nonprofits based on rigorous standards that we've developed over the past two decades of our work. Our validation process verifies both that nonprofits are valid organizations in their countries and that they meet the criteria for eligibility that our customers have specified.

Our validation services can facilitate several types of giving. Examples include donations or discounts of products and services, volunteer or pro bono work, matching gift programs, or international grants. With TechSoup, connecting with legally recognized nonprofits is easy. To date, TechSoup's NGOsource program has validated 6,617 Americas nonprofits and has facilitated an estimated US$2 billion in funding from U.S. grantmakers to these organizations.

Localized Program for Technology Philanthropy

We partner with industry leaders to offer donations or discounts for software, cloud solutions, and hardware to nonprofits around the world. Localized for 52 Americas countries and territories, our technology philanthropy program leverages our Validation Services to connect nonprofits in the region with offers from partners such as Microsoft, Google for nonprofits, and Airbnb.

Through this program, organizations in almost every region of the world receive access to the latest technology to improve their impact, scalability, and sustainability. So far, US$7.9 billion worth of technology donations have been distributed to nonprofits in the Americas.

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CSR Support

TechSoup Americas collaborates with corporations to create, curate, and scale projects and solutions across many communities in the region. We leverage our local connections, relevant expertise, and global platforms to develop meaningful CSR solutions that can be scaled not just in one country, but across the Americas or even the world.

Community Building and Support

Our TechSoup Connect community offers free in-person events that connect people in the Americas working for social impact with technologists. In addition, organizations can build relationships with other local nonprofits or companies that want to make a difference and find local volunteers.

Events to Strengthen Civil Society

Over the years, we have hosted a variety of events for nonprofits across the continent that focus on education, best practices in technology, and community connection. These range from webinars to larger scale community events. In 2018 Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global, hosted 10 community events with 1517 attendees through Public Good App House (PGAH). PGAH events bring together approximately 75 community members representing NGOs, corporations, government agencies, and technology development groups to watch demonstrations of up to seven public good technology projects. These events have been held in San Francisco, CA, USA; Washington, D.C., USA; Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil; Oakland, CA, USA; and Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil; among other cities. Learn more about Pubic Good App House

Local Innovation

Our Americas network supports local innovation to create solutions for some of the region’s most challenging social and environmental issues. Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global, builds apps that help communities organize, access, and apply local resources to their most pressing problems.

Below are some of the existing projects:

  • Nilus: Linking rescued food to community kitchens and areas not served by food banks in Argentina.

  • Air Quality Data Project: MAKAIA and Caravan Studios pilot citizen science initiative to address pollution in Colombia.

  • Safe Shelter Collaborative: Expanding shelter options for survivors of human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

  • SafeNight: Funding alternative shelter for survivors of violent crimes

  • 4 Bells: Matching and deploying volunteers for time sensitive tasks.

  • Range: Finding free summer meals for children and youth in their communities

  • Feito Na Biblioteca: Developing mobile apps using open government data in Brazil’s libraries.

  • GenDesign Projects: Training communities to use design concepts to identify solutions for their most pressing challenges.