When you choose to work with TechSoup Americas, you can make a significant impact in the region. Through the strength of our network, we can innovate, pilot, and expand new programs to serve the communities and causes that you focus on. Our portfolio of local innovation capacity building trainings are a prime example of this work.

As a U.S.-based grantmaker that would like to support nonprofits throughout the Americas, you can use TechSoup's NGOsource service to streamline your international philanthropy. So far, 6,617 Americas nonprofits have received an estimated US$209 million in funding from U.S. grantmakers via NGOsource.


Technology Product and Service Offerings

Partner with TechSoup to create a program for corporate philanthropy that matches your goals. Join companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Bitdefender, and that rely on TechSoup to distribute their products to nonprofits to amplify their social impact. So far, our program has distributed 2,362,805 technology donations to nonprofits in the Americas at an estimated value of US $7.9 billion.

Cash Grants, Matching Gifts, and Other Resources

Grantmakers, governments, and businesses worldwide have partnered with TechSoup to validate the eligibility of more than 1 million recipient organizations to date. We can ensure that you connect with legally recognized nonprofits for your corporate giving. You can offer product donations or discounts, volunteer or pro-bono work, matching gift programs, or other services to nonprofits in the Americas. Some of our partners include World Bank Group, Google for Nonprofits, and Airbnb.

Volunteer Time and Expertise

If your employees would like to volunteer, we invite you to direct them to TechSoup Connect. Our TechSoup Connect chapters host free, in-person technology events across the Americas. We can also help you start a meetup in your own region. Share your technology skills and best practices and connect with our Tech4Good community in your country.


Everything we do is intended to help you further your mission. Take advantage of offers that are specifically for nonprofits from some of your favorite companies. If you have questions about product donations or discounts for your nonprofit, please contact the TechSoup Americas member that serves your country. Find your local TechSoup program.


Join us at our free, local technology meetups or start one of your own with our help! Share your skills and help build a trusted network with local nonprofits, companies, and other volunteers.

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