TechSoup Americas reaches civil society organizations with diverse missions

Success Stories

Creating a Culture of Empowerment for Girls in Southeastern Ontario: Girls Inc

Northwoods Wildlife Center - Saving 900 Wildlife Patients Each Year

TechSoup’s Environmental Work Around the World: Pollution Monitoring in Colombia with MAKAIA Reducing Food Waste in Argentina with Wingu

Caravan Studios Boasts Access to Transit through Open Data

How Nonprofits and Libraries Can Use Open Data to Lead to Cleaner Air

Gleam of Hope: A small orphanage has big plans to support Haiti's children.

Fundación Las Rosas: A story of a nonprofit supporting seniors in Chile.

Haciendas Mundo Maya: Supporting rural social enterprises, education, and health in Mayan communities in the Yucatán peninsula.

FITS: Des représentants d'organisations sociales, du gouvernement, des étudiants et des participants de différents programmes de volontariat se réunissent.

MAKAIA Fosters Digital Transformation: Improving the lives of coffee growers in Colombia

ATN and Microsoft YouthSpark: Training thousands of youth In Brazil